As a former Realtor, when it came time to sell my Boston home I sought out the very best person for the job: Linda Burnett. Her reputation for consistency even during the down-turn in the market, her lack of hesitation in communicating necessary changes to be made in order to market my home to its best advantage, her enthusiasm for the sale, and swift navigation throughout the process sold her to me. The first day on the market she held an open house: a full-price offer followed! That, my friends, is the kind of success that is Linda Burnett. And that, my friends, is why I recommend her to you without reservation. Linda = Results! 

Barbara Smith-Gross, former homeowner in Roslindale

Linda is one of the greatest real estate brokers. She’s experienced and knows her neighborhoods better than anyone. She’s trustworthy, stays with a transaction until the end, and delivers on her promises. Most of all, she’s a great person and wins the trust of buyers and sellers alike. Linda’s clients consistently return to her for their next transaction.  After working with Linda on many transactions over the years, I hired her for my own real estate sale and have to say she did an amazing job of marketing, negotiating and helping me get to the closing date

Attorney Don Solomon, Home Seller


Linda is an excellent Realtor. Experienced, knowledgeable, warm and detail-oriented, I was always pleased to handle real estate matters where Linda was involved because I knew the transaction would go smoothly. We have worked together on several transactions where Linda’s negotiating abilities saved the day when a sticky issue arose. My clients who have worked with Linda have all been extremely pleased with her services, and I recommend her highly.

Attorney Kelly Bonnevie

I cannot stress enough how valuable Linda is for any real estate transaction. She approaches the most challenging situations with a smile, a calm, collected attitude, and an unflagging sense of humor. As our buyer’s agent, Linda was always an email, text, or phone call away, and went out of her way to aid us in every step of the process – and was always there with sage advice or a soothing ear for a nervous first-time buyer! Truly, she has set the bar for every other real estate professional we’ll ever encounter. Whether you’re buying or selling, bring her in as your partner – you most certainly will not regret it.

Jessica Bonn, Home Buyer

I have worked with Linda on several sales and find her to be an exceptional real estate agent, providing top service to all her clients but also managing the co-broke relationship with dignity and fairness to all parties. I look forward to working with Linda in the future.

Margie Vogt, Principal of Vogt Realty Group (colleague)

It is with great confidence that I recommend Linda to you for all your residential real estate needs in the Jamaica Plain/Roslindale area. Linda is so good at what she does that when a family medical emergency meant I had to refer my own clients, I referred them to Linda.

Stephen Fowler Owner/President, Ask Mr. Fowler Real Estate (colleague)